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Statistics > Academic literacy

An important aim mentioned in the course handbooks:

“Help students develop key intellectual skills.”

1.2 Aims

Also note section 2.4 on Personal Transferable Skills:

“2.4 Personal Transferable Skills

As well as supporting your academic studies, the preparation of assessed work and your active participation in seminars and tutorials will also help you develop skills which will be invaluable in your later career and in job applications and interviews. These “personal transferable skills” include the ability to write clearly and concisely, to explain your work clearly to others and to present your work in a professional manner through the use of word processing and other computer packages.

After completing your degree you will have:

  • Acquired basic skills in IT and had the opportunity through the choice of options and other activities to develop these further.
  • Acquired independent study and working skills.”

2.4 Personal Transferable Skills