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Theatre Studies > Research-led learning environment

1. How does the department define a research-led environment?

faculty research directly informing the curriculum

Aims and Objectives:

  • "To provide research-led teaching informed by current staff research (whether through written projects or through practice), supported as appropriate by the use of new technologies"

2. What provisions are made for students to engage in research?

the reinvention centre

Opening page:

research methods employed within modules

Staging Shakespeare (Year 3):

  • "Students are encouraged to use a range of archival material, including slides, photographs and video recordings as well as production notes and reviews in newspapers, journals and periodicals, to compile the evidence on which to base a detailed analysis of productions"

third year research topic option

Dissertation page:

  • "It is also important to bear in mind the criteria for assessment and to honestly assess whether your chosen topic gives you enough scope for detailed discussion, analysis and the development of a defensible argument"
  • "A dissertation in any subject area is an academic exercise in researching, presenting and responding critically to established knowledge or approaches to a particular topic from within the field"

third year practical option

Practical Option page:

  • "Undertake independent research-based investigation to inform written and practical work"

Practical Option Further Information:

  • "Rather than being a descriptive account, your work should display an understanding of the relationship between the research process you have gone through and the creative working process and practical decisions made"
  • "Your ability to source, select, synthesise and employ relevant research materials in creative and written work"