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Research questions: research phase 1

Academic literacy

  1. What is the understanding that academic departments have of academic literacy?
  2. How are students conceptualised/envisioned within this understanding? (deficit model, capable producers etc.)
  3. In what formats is academic literacy claimed to be developed?
  4. What do departments define as their disciplinary skills?
  5. Do departments define these skills as generic?

Learning within a research-led environment

  1. What provisions are made for students to engage in research?
  2. How do departments define a research led environment?

Interdisciplinary Study

In answering the research questions we will have to distinguish between (1) single honours degrees, (2) combined courses and (3) joint honours.

  1. How do different departments define interdisciplinary study?
  2. In what ways do (1), (2) and (3) claim to be interdisciplinary?

Global knowledge

  1. In what ways do departments claim to convey global knowledge? (e.g. exchange programmes, international students, international staff, curriculum)

Community engagement - internationally and nationally

  1. What opportunities are available for students to engage with the community?
    (departments, curricular, extracurricular) (community engagement: academic, non-academic, business, local, international