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Small Grants Fund: Funding Guidelines

All undergraduate students at the University of Warwick are eligible to apply. You should specify the ways in which some or all of the Reinvention Centre's working principles will be addressed by your project:

  1. Consolidating the ties between teaching and research
  2. Expanding undergraduate research activities
  3. Redesigning the spaces within which students learn
  4. Disseminating knowledge about research-based learning

We will also expect you to state how the outcomes of your project will be disseminated within and/or beyond your department and the University. In particular, this should include details on how you intend your project to have an impact on developing links between teaching and research in your department.

Project budget

Applications may be made for up to £750 from the Fund, although we also welcome applications for smaller grants.

Reinvention Centre grants may be used for the following:

  • Costs associated with any travel which may be required by the project
  • Attendance at academic conferences relevant to the project or to research-based learning
  • Costs associated with dissemination activities, eg printing, postage

The following will not normally be funded:

  • Normal costs associated with writing a dissertation
  • Internships or work experience
  • Payment for the time spent on the project

Projects will be awarded in June 2010; it is expected that research will be conducted over the summer vacation and a final project report submitted in the autumn.

Once a project has been approved for funding, a cheque for the full amount will be made available to the applicant on the understanding that a satisfactory final project report and a statement of expenditure supported by receipts will be submitted at the end of the project.

Application and selection procedure

Each bid will be considered by a selection panel which includes senior staff from the Reinvention Centre.

Applicants should submit a completed application form, both electronically (to reinvention at warwick dot ac dot uk) and in hard copy (to The Reinvention Centre office, Room R3.09, Ramphal Building), ensuring that all the required signatures are included.

We will assess applications using the following criteria:


Is a detailed description of activity over the course of the project offered, with project ‘milestones’ noted, such as the planned dates of key events and/or workshops?

Aims, Approaches and Activities:

Are these clear and realistic? Is the design and method appropriate to the aims? Are research questions (if any) clearly framed? Are the planned activities detailed, including mention of other people to be involved? Is the project grounded in any of the existing relevant literature?

Outcomes and Dissemination:

Are project outcomes clear, with appropriate plans for sharing and embedding insights learned? How are project insights to be shared within the institution and to the disciplinary community? Internal and external workshops, conference presentations, web-resources, publications?


Is a realistic and fully-costed budget provided?

Compatibility with the Reinvention Centre's aims:

To what degree does the project meet the Centre’s working principles?

Final project report

We will require a final project report which is suitable for publication on the Reinvention Centre’s website, and in hard copy if appropriate. The report should be approximately 1500 to 2000 words in length. Please see the project report guidelines for more information.