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Small Grants Fund: Funded Projects

Below are details of the Small Grants Fund projects which were funded. You can sort the table by clicking on the column headings.

Funding Recipient(s)
Department, School, Centre, etc.
Project Title
Project Year
Adrian Hayes Warwick Medical School Communication and Miscommunication: Handover of Patients between Health Care Professionals 09-10  
Aleksandra Sawicka Politics and International Studies The Nature of Political Participation and Identity in Hong Kong's Trade Unions 08-09  
Alex Marsden Physics Ultra-rapid quenching of calcium phosphate systems for bone replacement and waste immobilisation 09-10  
Alice Smith and Chris Rossdale
Politics and International Studies Resistance in Israel: A Study of Solidarity Groups and Nonviolent Resistance to Israel's Occupation 07-08 (PDF Document) Report
Astrid Nordin
Politics and International Studies The Bo-Ao forum: a critical case study of actors in Asian regionalisation
(PDF Document) Report
Bruno Leipold and Francesca Morgante Philosophy and Politics and Economics The Story of the Kenyan Rose 09-10  
Chloe Todd Fordham
English and Comparative Literary Studies
Matchbox Magazine
(PDF Document) Report
Daniel Harmon
Warwick Business School
The competitive mountain bike events industry in the UK
(PDF Document) Report
David Metcalfe
Warwick Medical School
High risk services offered by independent escorts advertising on the internet
06-07 (PDF Document) Report
Evan Watts Warwick Medical School Anabolic steroid culture in Coventry 09-10  
Gabriel Siles-Brugge and Udayan Mittal Politics and International Studies Why does the EU sign Bilateral Trade Agreements with some states and not others?
(PDF Document) Report
James MacKay Philosophy Lost in Translation: Rediscovering the Italian Novel 09-10  
Jane Commane
English and Comparative Literary Studies Broadcast: New Warwick Writing
06-07 (PDF Document) Report
Jane Shakespeare
Lifelong Learning
The merits and limitations of introducing a participatory impact assessment and planning system to the Kayoma Women's Microcredit Association
05-06 (PDF Document) Report
Joseph Fenton Physics The Effect of Black Holes on Binary Start Systems 08-09  
Katherine Blaire and Jonathan David Politics and International Studies and Biological Sciences respectively
Evaluating Velondriake as a model for Malagasy coastal community development 08-09  
Laura Home
Twentieth Century Britain oral history wokshop
06-07 (PDF Document) Report
Laura Kutnick and Lucy Howard Law
A reflective account of Laura Kutnick and Lucy Howard’s experiences working for the Texas Defender Service in Houston, Texas
07-08 (PDF Document) Report
Lorenzo Vidal-Folch
Politics and International Studies Do initiatives such as the “Consejos Comunales” in Venezuela have the potential to create a culture of true participatory democracy in the decision-making process of the “Bolivarian revolution”?
06-07 (PDF Document) Report
Lucy Annison Sociology A Sociological Study of Employment Experiences of Transsexuals in Andalucia 08-09  
Lydia Marshall
Swaziland: A protective environment for children? Utilising and evaluating the UNICEF framework in a developing society
07-08 (PDF Document) Report
Marcin Stepan and Maarten Hillebrandt

The Legacy of the Polish Solidarity Movement
05-06 (PDF Document) Report
Mariyam Midhfa Naeem Politics and International Studies Democratisation, Rights and Cultural Norms: the Case of Women in the Maldives 08-09  
Matthew Wells and Thomas Allott Philosophyand Film Studies The Impact of Internet on the Role of the Music Critic 09-10  
Mikko Toivanen and Felix Buchwald History Attitudes toward the Finnish-German Alliance in the Second World War in Contemporary Finland and Germany 09-10  
Nicola Cutcher
English and Comparative Literary Studies A Bourdieuean analysis of the field of British journalism, looking at the construction of news and the newspaper's role in the current media climate
06-07 (PDF Document) Report
Nomsa Fulbrook-Bhembe and Kagwe Njoroge
Biological Sciences
The prospects of microfinance: the potential growth of Kenya’s microfinance industry 07-08 (PDF Document) Report
Peter Evans
Social Studies Gender and U.S. sports
05-06 (PDF Document) Report
Poonam Pattni
The effectiveness of GCSE textbook distribution as a form of development aid to the region of Mtwara, Tanzania 06-07 (PDF Document) Report
Puneet Dhaliwal
Dissident Warwick
07-08 (PDF Document) Report
Puneet Dhaliwal Philosophy Dissident Warwick II 08-09  
Rose Abdollahzadeh
Politics and International Studies The U8 Student International Development Partnership 2007 Annual Summit
06-07 (PDF Document) Report
Sarah Spencer and Timothy Williamson
Warwick Medical School
The prospect of serious games as a teaching tool in medical education
07-08 (PDF Document) Poster
Victorie Sevcenko Philosophy 'Active Voices': An Empirical Investigation into the Formation of Industry Lobbies and their Impact on New Firm Survival Rates 09-10  
Yewande Akinola
Modelling the impact of water interventions upon household water stress in rural Africa
06-07 (PDF Document) Report