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Visiting Fellowship to Harvard Medical School


Thomas Karikari, Warwick 2013 cohort, has recently began a visiting fellowship at the Walsh Laboratory, Harvard Medical School, USA.

A recipient of awards from the Royal Society, the Company of Biologists, the Physiology Society and MIBTP, Tommy joined the lab in August 2017 to investigate the effects of tau aggregation and spread on neuronal viability and neuritic morphology.

Thu 07 December 2017, 14:48 | Tags: award, Outreach

Thomas Karikari - Guest Editor, American Society for Microbiology


Thomas Karikari, 2012 Warwick student and recent MIBTP graduate, has been been invited to serve as a Guest Editor for a special Issue on International Science Education for the Journal of Microbiology and Biology Education, published by the American Society for Microbiology. Thomas is one of five experts in international science education who have teamed together to solicit, review, and organize a special issue centered on this topic.

Further details can be found on the American Society for Microbiology website.

Thu 07 December 2017, 14:41 | Tags: Entrepreneurship, publication, Outreach

Yijun Zhu 2017 Faculty Thesis Prize for the School of Life Sciences


Yijun Zhu will receive the 2017 University of Warwick School of Life Science Faculty Thesis Prize for her thesis entitled: “Genetics and molecular mechanism of trimethylamine N-oxide demethylase of Methylocella silvestris BL2”.

Yijun was a student in the first MIBTP cohort who have just completed their PhD.

Congratulations to Yijun.

Wed 05 July 2017, 14:28 | Tags: award

Mussa Quareshy 2017 School of Life Sciences Thesis Impact Prize


Mussa Quareshy will receive the 2017 University of Warwick School of Life Sciences Thesis Impact Prize for his thesis entitled: “Towards understanding chemical perception and selectivity for TIR1 and AFB5 auxin F-Box receptor family members in Arabidopsis.

Mussa was a student in the first MIBTP cohort, who have just completed their PhD.

Congratulations to Mussa.

Wed 05 July 2017, 14:24 | Tags: award

Thomas Karikari best poster award at Alzheimer’s Research UK Midlands Conference

In 2016, Thomas Karikari, Warwick 2013 student, won the best poster award at the Alzheimer’s Research UK Midlands Conference.

Fri 02 June 2017, 11:02 | Tags: award

Tommy Karikari teaching and course organisation and outreach activites

As well as undertaking his PhD, Tommy has also been involved in organising and teaching at international courses and has organised, and continues to be involved in, several outreach activities in Africa.

Fri 02 June 2017, 10:57 | Tags: Outreach, Teaching

Thomas Karkari - grants awarded

Thomas Karikari of the 2013 cohort, based at Warwick, has been awarded numerous grants over the past year.

Fri 02 June 2017, 10:51 | Tags: award

Hannah Tedds published paper

Hannah Tedds, a 2014 Birmingham MIBTP student, was recently published in New Phytologist.

Fri 02 June 2017, 10:44 | Tags: publication

Anna York published paper

Anna York, a 2014 MIBTP student, registered at Warwick co-authored a paper as a result of her public engagement activites.

Thu 01 June 2017, 15:30 | Tags: publication

Tommy Karikari published papers

Tommy, a member of the Warwick 2013 cohort, has had numerous papers published over the last year as a result of his research.

Thu 01 June 2017, 15:25 | Tags: publication

Matthew Jackson international poster prize

Matthew Jackson, 2014 Birmingham student wwas awarded Best Poster Prize at the International School and Conference on Network Science (NetSci) in Seoul, South Korea, which was awarded by Nature Communications.

Thu 01 June 2017, 15:22 | Tags: award

Jonathan Smith writing prizes

Jonathan Smith, Leicester 2013 student, has won two writing prizes, which he attributes to the experience he gained during his PIPS placement in the editing team at Research Media Ltd during his training year.

Thu 01 June 2017, 15:08 | Tags: award

Anna Gonzalez Gil wins poster prize

Anna Gonzalez Gil, Warwick 2015 student, was awarded 1st Prize for the Poster presentation at the SCI Young Researches in Crop Sciences (14th of July of 2016).

Thu 01 June 2017, 15:01 | Tags: award

Thomas Karikari - invited speaker

Tommy, a 2013 cohort Warwick student, was invited by The Physiology Society and the American Physiological Society to present his experience in science communication training and activity development in Africa.

Thu 01 June 2017, 14:56 | Tags: Outreach

Julia Lipecki - published paper

Julia Lipecki, Warwick 2015 student, was 2nd author on a paper, published as a result of her mini-project; which was undertaken during her training year of the MIBTP programme.

Thu 01 June 2017, 14:50 | Tags: publication

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