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All three partner Universities have planned investment programmes underpinning world class biosciences.

University of Birmingham and University of Warwick have invested in System Biology Centres.

University of Birmingham in the Henry Wellcome Building for Biomolecular NMR and a new Institute of Microbiology, Cognitive Neuroscience and Computational Robotics (£4.75M) and Systems Science for Health (£5.03 M).

University of Leicester has recently completed a Central Research Facility (£16M) including a 9T small animal MRI.

University of Warwick has established the Warwick Crop Centre, new glasshouses are approved (£5.3M) and a new Integrative Science Building for Life Sciences planned (£35M).

The partners continue to support many interdisciplinary DTCs, including Physical Sciences Imaging for Biomedical Science; £1.75 M), Complexity Science, Systems Biology , MASDOC, and Magnetic Resonance (£1M)

New MSc courses complement research expertise: eg. Food Security, Sustainable Crop Production, and Bioprocessing, Biotechnology and Business Management.