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May 2013

Thursday 23rd May

Teaching Grid, Library

1. Document retention

Yvonne Burrell described the current situation for document storage: some information is held by RSS, some centrally and some in departments. There is a need to find out what is where and to regularise storage.

  •  Important to have someone nominated as a project manager who can ensure documents are stored for the required length of time
  •  Should be one overview document for each project, describing where the relevant information is stored
  •  EC projects have to be kept for 5 years following the final payment

 2. Discussion on document storage

  •  Auditors favour paper-based records but this is impractical due to the volume of space required
  •  Electronic storage would be preferable, with documents only printed if specifically requested by an auditor
  •  Shared drive with specified folder headings could be set up so all projects are centrally-available with standardised sub-groups of documentation
  •  Folders could include: travel, linking to supporting claims, timesheets, linking to HR contracts, minutes of meetings (by date and by committee), other supporting information, separate files for very large items and cross-referencing where appropriate
  •  Files should be marked “Do not destroy until xxx date”

 Anne-Marie Brennan and Martin Price will start developing the system.

 3. Timesheets update

Information has been gathered; online packages are being reviewed for their cost and functionality; should be more information by the end of June.

Timesheet policy feedback from Laura Downey and Ellie Davis: aiming to keep the document simple and generalised. Will draft a basic “how to complete” guide.

 4. Audit feedback

Recent EC audit has been completed. Key points:

  •  Evidence for justification of trip
  •  Signed attendance registers are useful
  •  Boarding passes are ideal

5. Terms of reference

Laura Downey suggested that terms of reference are established for the group to set out more clearly the purpose and remit of PiPs. This item to be included on the agenda of the next meeting.

6. Date of next meeting

Wednesday 25th September, 9.30-12pm

India Foster and Laura Downey to assist in planning.