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Using YouSIMUL8

SIMUL8 is a commercial simulation package that is easy to use and provides a relatively inexpensive way of acquiring simulation for your organisation. In addition, you can experience simulation yourself, right now, by visiting the YouSIMUL8 website (it's a bit like youTube). For more information about simulation click here.

The YouSIMUL8 website is reached at The screen design may change from time to time, we will do our best to keep this information up to date but apologise if we can't always respond as quickly as we'd like.

Use the navigation bar on the left in the image below to see the Healthcare gallery. Then click on the image of the process you would like to view. next


When you have selected a model to view, you will see a zoomed in image that has a play button, click on this. After a few moments another window will appear in a black bounding box. At the bottom is a play button like on a DVD player, use this just like you would at home. You can pause and resume the simulation and also observe some windows that provide information about the performance of the model.