EPS for AMR Soapbox

"Soapbox" outreach is a low-tech but effective method of engaging members of the public on scientific ideas.
If you would like to participate, please nominate approachable and knowledgeable researchers with an interesting topic to debate.

Examples of soapbox topics could include:
"Why is it so hard to make new antibiotics? (And what are scientists doing about this?)"
"What is causing the spread of resistance? (And how can we model this?)"

“What happens when we run out of antibiotics?”

“Are we headed for another medical dark age?"

Some discussion point ideas:
- What antibiotics are
- If they’ve ever taken any (do they make sure to finish their course?)
- Medical treatments we take for granted and the ones that are already at risk
- How antibiotics work
- Explain resistance, why it exists, where it is coming from

- What scientists are trying to do (including your own research)
- What different types of scientists can contribute



Nottingham Bridging the Gaps Volunteer: Judith Tanner “Using improvement science to prevent surgical site infection and reduce AMR”.

Warwick INTEGRATE Volunteer: George Parry "Using Microfluidics to study Infections"