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Panel 1

Dr Lisa Fitzpatrick

University of Ulster

Now You See It, Now You Don’t: Representing systemic violence against women in contemporary Irish theatre.

This paper aims to explore the representation of systemic violence in two recent works by Anu Productions, both directed by Louise Lowe: World’s End Lane, and Laundry, which have premiered at the Dublin Theatre Festival in 2010 and 2011 respectively. These productions are part of a site-specific performance project to map the “Monto”, a square-mile area of Dublin’s North inner city and the former ed-light district immortalized in the Circe chapter of Joyce’s Ulysses. These are the first two pieces out of a planned four. The main focus of this paper is Laundry, which premiered this year to considerable debate and controversy.

Professor James Harding

University of Warwick

Vanguard Ghosting and Plausible Deniability in *The Brig*, Abu Ghraib, and Beyond

Dr Linda Ahall

University of Warwick

Heroines and Monsters: Gendering representations of female agency in political violence in Britz and Female Agents