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SBIDER Podcast Hub

SBIDER Presents: A set of podcasts about our recent work

Episode 1: How severe would a new COVID variant be? | Louise Dyson

Episode 2:

How have humans adapted to combat malaria parasites? | Bridget Penman

Episode 3:

How have mathematical models been used as part of the response to the COVID-19 pandemic? | Matt Keeling

Episode 4: Integrating geostatistical maps and infectious disease transmission models | Simon Spencer

Episode 5: Antimicrobial resistance and explainable AI | Massimo Cavallaro

Episode 6: Avian influenza | An international perspective

Episode 7: AMR and pathogen genomic data | Xavier Didelot

Episode 8: How can farmer behaviour be incorporated into models for livestock disease transmission? | Naomi Prosser

Episode 9: How can we measure the growth of infections during an epidemic? | Laura Guzmán Rincón

SBIDER Careers Podcast: Exploring research careers in modelling

Episode 1: Postdoctoral Research | Warren Tennant

Episode 2:

Moving from an academic to a non-academic job role | Samik Datta

Episode 3:

Project manager & research group administrator | Sukhwinder Soggi

Episode 4: Systems administrator & scientific programmer | Paul Brown

Episode 5: Director of SBIDER | Matt Keeling