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Town Hall
Thursday 27 June 2024, 10am, MS0.1 (Zeeman Building)

Please ensure that you are signed into the Warwick system. We recommend using Chrome.

An opportunity for colleagues from across campus to hear about the newly created Centre for Applications of Mathematical and Computing Sciences (CAMaCS). With the prevalence of large amounts of data and significant computing power, the power of mathematical modelling has moved ever more into centre stage, offering huge potential for impact across industry and society. As a new centre focused squarely on impact, CAMaCS aims to have a broad footprint across the Warwick campus in terms of its collaborations and external partnerships. CAMaCS hosts a novel way of undertaking impactful research with its partners aimed at supporting greater agility in the current funding landscape and faster delivery of impact.

We will begin with a presentation about the goals and aims of the centre, an introduction to our team, and a brief talk from one of the centre's current external partners. There will then be an opportunity to network in the Zeeman Building atrium/reception area (known as 'The Street') over tea and coffee.

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