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What we do

Here you can read about our flagship activities and mechanisms:

CAMaCS operates as a single point of reference to support academics to establish and drive research towards impact with the long-view in mind. This can be done via multiple strategic approaches, for example:

  • Promoting strong pan-campus engagement, matching skill set to opportunity in the spaces of data-driven, mathematical and AI modelling, building teams and hosting discussion to explore some of the many interdisciplinary grant calls with fast turnarounds.
  • Supporting dialogue with industry and pursuing different forms of research collaborative relationships, whether via PhD funding, long-term collaborative project funding, consultancy contracting, or other forms of knowledge exchange.

Examples of CAMaCS engagement areas:

  • Industrial applied mathematics: including applications of fluid dynamics, solid mechanics, and PDEs to solve problems held by diverse partners with physical modelling needs.
  • Distributed socio-technical systems: including applications of network science, agent-based systems, and nonlinear dynamics to challenges faced by partners in e.g. transportation systems, urban science, financial regulation, energy grids, and social sciences.
  • Applied statistics/data science: including impactful and ethical applications of data science to social and technological problems such as those in the Data Science for Social Good initiative.