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Dr Daniel Martin-Yerga


Daniel is now a Research Group Leader at University of Jyväskylä


Dr Georgia Wood


After a PDRA at the University of British Columbia, Georgina is now the materials science manager at the bp International Centre for Advanced Materials.


Enrico DaviddiDr Enrico Daviddi


Enrico is now with CNRS (Paris).


Dr Ian McPherson


Ian is now at Loughborough.

GabrielDr Gabriel Meloni


Gabriel is now a PDRA at São Paulo.

mkDr Minkyung Kang


Minkyung is now a PDRA at Deakin University.



Dr Cameron Bentley


Cameron is now a DECRA fellow at Monash.


Dr Anthony Lucio


Anthony is a PDRA at the University of Leicester.


Dr Viacheslav (Slava) Shkirskiy


Slava is a PDRA at the University of Angers.


Dr Haytham Hussein


Haytham is now a PDRA in Southampton.


Dr David Perry


David is now a research associate at Newcastle University.


Dr Zoë Ayres


Zoe is now working for Hach

Dr Faduma Maddar


Faduma is now working in WMG

Dr Changhui Chen


Hui is a research fellow at WMG

Dr Maria Adobes Vidal


Maria is a PDRA at ETH Zurich

Dr. Robert Johnson


Rob is an assistant professor in Electrochemistry at University College Dublin

Dr. Lingcong Meng


Lingcong is now a PDRA at Southampton University with Phil Bartlett

Dr. Elizabeth Oseland


Liz is a PDRA at WMG

Dr. Rehab Al-Botros


Rehab is a research fellow at WMG

Dr. Jennifer Webb


Jenny is working as a computational modeller at Syngenta.

Dr. Jonathan Newland


Jon is a research scientist at Element Six

Dr. Dmitry Momotenko


Dmitry has an independant research fellowship at ETH Zurich

Dr. Max Joseph


Max is working as a Scientist at AWE

Dr. Robert Lazenby


Rob is an assistant Professor in the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry at Florida State University

Dr. Aleix Guell


Aleix is an assistant professor in Paris.

Dr. Joshua Byers


Josh is now an assistant professor Université du Québec à Montréal.

Dr. Yangrae Kim


Yangrae is an assistant professor in electrochemistry at Kwangwoon University.

Dr. Glen O'Neil


Glen is an assistant professor at Montclair University, New York State.

Dr. Kim McKelvey


Kim is a senior lecturer at Victoria University of Wellington.

Dr. Thomas Miller


Tom is an assistant professor at UCL.

Dr. James Iacobini


James now works for the water analysis company Palintest, in Newcastle

Anisha Patel
Dr. Anisha Patel

Anisha is a research fellow at WMG

Stanley Lai
Dr. Stanley Lai

Stanley was an Assistant Professor at the University of Twente and now works for Syngenta

Laura Hutton
Dr. Laura Hutton

Laura is working for Element Six on diamond growth.

Hollie Patten
Dr. Hollie Patten

Hollie works for JLR

Michael Snowden
Dr. Michael Snowden

Snowden took up a post doc position in the Mauzeroll group, McGill University and is now a KTP research associate with Process Instruments.

Massimo Peruffo
Dr. Massimo Peruffo

Massimo took up a position with Unilever at Port Sunlight and now works for Johnson Matthey

Marcio Vidotti Miyata
Dr. Marcio Vidotti Miyata

Marcio is now a professor in Brazil at the University Federal de Parana, Curitiba

Martin Edwards

Dr. Martin Edwards

Martin did a PDRA at Institut de bioenginyeria de Catalunya (IBEC) and is now a senior research fellow at the University of Utah. Martin now holds an assistant professor position at the University of Arkansas.

Meiqin Zhang
Dr. Meiqin Zhang
Meiqin has returned to China.

Neil Wilson
Dr. Neil Wilson
Neil is an Assistant Professor in the Dept. of Physics at Warwick University.

Paolo Bertoncello
Dr. Paolo Bertoncello
Paolo is an assistant professor in the Dept. of Engineering at Swansea University.

Mikhail Mazurenka

Dr. Mikhail Mazurenka
Mikhail is doing a joint postdoctoral fellowship at Oxford University, with Dr. Mackenzie and Prof. Unwin (Warwick).

Manon Guille
Dr. Manon Guille
Manon went back to France for an academic position at the Ecole Normale Supérieure, Paris.

Ilenia Ciani

Dr. Ilenia Ciani
Ilenia is doing a Postdoc at Edinburgh University.

Silvia Rabar

Dr. Silvia Rabar
Silvia is currently working for the Biochemical Society.

Vicki Ruiz
Dr. Virginia Ruiz
Vicky has returned to Spain to take up a senior research position in the group where she studied for her PhD.

Cat Gardner Dr. Catherine Gardner
(PhD 2000-2004;
Postdoc 2004)
Cat is currently a postdoctoral research fellow for Prof. Bill Jones in the Department of Chemistry at Cambridge University.

Anthony O'Mullane
Dr. Anthony O'Mullane
Anthony was a research fellow in Applied Sciences at RMIT, Melbourne, Australia and now has a academic position in the Department of Chemistry, University of Brisbane

Ji Dong Guo

Dr. Ji Dong Guo
Ji Dong has gone over to Pittsburgh, USA to continue his research.

Jorg Strutwolf
Dr. Jörg Strutwolf
Jörg is continuing his research with Guenther Wittstock, at the University of Leipzig, Germany.

Anna Whitworth

Dr. Anna Whitworth

Lou Gonsalves Dr. Lou Gonsalves
Lou is Associate Director of Research and Development at the West Midland Cancer Intelligence Unit (the regional cancer registry).

Chris Slevin Dr. Chris Slevin
(PhD 1995-1998;
Postdoc 1998-2000)
Chris left Unipath to take a position as research leader for Stirling Medical Innovations in Stirling, Scotland.

Nick Evans Dr. Nick Evans
(PhD 1995-1998;
Postdoc 1999)
Nick is currently employed as an Internet Administrator for Greater Manchester Weekly Newspapers.

Julie Macpherson

Prof. Julie Macpherson

Now heads Warwick Electrochemistry and Interfaces Group with Prof. Pat Unwin.