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Anjali John

I am currently, a third year PhD student within the Warwick Electrochemistry and Interfaces group, working under the expert guidance of Professor Julie Macpherson. My doctoral research, generously funded by Astrazeneca and Diamond CDT, revolves around Electrochemical removal and recovery of Platinum Group Metals (PGMs) from pharmaceutical processes. As a part of my project, I have worked on developing a high quality, free-standing BDD that contain laser-cut holes in an optimized geometry for UV-vis Spectro electrochemistry. Additionally, my work also focusses on investigating the effect of metal electrodeposition on BDD subjected to different surface treatments as a function of surface roughness.



MSc in Analytical Chemistry (2019-2021)

Christ University, Bangalore, India

BSc in Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics (2016-2019)

Christ University, Bangalore, India


Undergraduate Research: “Bio-templated Synthesis of Silver Nanoparticles using leaf extract of Parkia Biglandulosa and their biomedical applications”

Postgraduate research: "Developing electrochemical sensors using conducting polymer/Noble metal nanoparticle composites for the detection of methyl malonic acid, a vitamin B12 marker "


  1. John, A., Detlaff,A., Tully.J., Macpherson,J., 2024. Freestanding boron doped diamond for applications in UV-vis spectroelectrochemistry. [Manuscript in Preparation]
  2. John, A., Benny, L., Cherian, A., Narahari, S., Varghese, A. and Hegde, G., 2021. Electrochemical sensors using conducting polymer/noble metal nanoparticle nanocomposites for the detection of various analytes: a review. Journal of Nanostructure in Chemistry, 11(1), pp.1-31.
  3. Benny, L., John, A., Varghese, A., Hegde, G. and George, L., 2021. Waste elimination to porous carbonaceous materials for the application of electrochemical sensors: Recent developments. Journal of Cleaner Production, 290, p.125759.
  4. John, A., Shaji, A., Velayudhannair, K., M, N. and Krishnamoorthy, G., 2021. Anti-bacterial and biocompatibility properties of green synthesized silver nanoparticles using Parkia biglandulosa (Fabales:Fabaceae) leaf extract. Current Research in Green and Sustainable Chemistry,4.
  5. Prakash, N., Rajeev, R., John, A., Vijayan, A., George, L. and Varghese, A., 2021. 2, 2, 6, 6‐Tetramethylpiperidinyloxyl (TEMPO) Radical Mediated Electro‐Oxidation Reactions: A Review. ChemistrySelect, 6(30), pp.7691-7710.



  • Electrochemistry Gordon Research Seminar (GRS), Ventura, California - "Freestanding Boron Doped Diamond for UV-vis Spectroelectrochemistry" - Poster presentation
  • Gordon Research Conference (GRC), Ventura, California - " Freestanding Boron Doped Diamond for UV-vis Spectroelectrochemistry " - Poster presentation


  • 71st De Beers Diamond Conference, University of Warwick, UK- “Freestanding Boron Doped Diamond for UV-vis Spectroelectrochemistry”- Poster presentation
  • Warwick Chemistry Postgraduate Symposium, University of Warwick, UK-“Freestanding Boron Doped Diamond for UV-vis Spectroelectrochemistry”- Poster presentation


  • RSC Electrochemistry, Edinburgh, UK-“Freestanding Boron Doped Diamond Mesh electrodes for UV-vis Spectroelectrochemistry”- Poster presentation
  • 70th De Beers Diamond Conference, University of Warwick, UK- “Effect Of Boron-Doped Diamond Surface Processing On Metal Electrodeposition ”- Poster presentation


Graduate Teaching Assistant:

CH155- Year 1: Electrochemical Cells

CH222 - Year 2: Electrochemical Cells

CH914 - PGT: Fluoride Ion Selective Electrodes and Dynamic Electrochemistry of Ferricyanide


Anjali John

Warwick Electrochemistry & Interfaces
University of Warwick