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BrunaBruna Hryniewicz
PhD student from Universidade Federal do Paraná, looking at electrodeposition of silver on BDD.

marcioProf. Marcio Vidotti Miyata
Visiting academic from Universidade Federal do Paraná.

Prof. Jian Zhuang
Visiting academic from Xian Jiaotong University

carlosCarlos Guillen-Posteguillo
PhD student from University of Birmingham on the MIBTP programme, developing the construction of nanoelectrodes

jon ustarrozJon Ustarroz
Postdoctoral researcher at Vrije Universiteit Brussel, working on the electrochemical deposition of nanostructures with electrocatalytic properties, and studying the dynamics of nanoclusters in the electrolyte-electrode interface

shannon bonkeShannon Bonke
PhD student from Monash University, Australia, here to enhance understanding of the formation and function of electrocatalysts relevant to renewable energy storage

gabriel meloniGabriel (Gaba) Meloni
PhD student from Universidade de São Paulo, Brazil, working on electrochemical imaging of cells

daniel yergaDaniel Yerga
PhD student from University of Oviedo, Spain, investigating screen-printed and paper-based electrodes using scanning electrochemical cell microscopy

andrew_basileDr. Andrew Basile
Postdoc from RMIT University, Melbourne, investigating the utilisation of ionic liquids as electrolytes for use in Li metal batteries

heyzusJesús Garoz Ruiz
Analytical Chemistry PhD Student from the University of Burgos, Spain

Pollyana Souza Castro
Pollyana visited us as part of her PhD project

Dr. Bruno C. Janegitz

Visited from the University of São Paulo

Roland Scharf
Roland Scharf
Roland visited us as an ERASMUS student and undertook a 6 month project in our group

Ulrika Dhaenens Johansson
Ulrika Dhaenens Johansson
Ulrika spent Summer 2005 doing a joint project between our group and Mark Newton's Group (Physics) on boron doped diamond.

Norman Baltes 
Norman Baltes
Norman visited us for 4 months (Aug - Nov 2003) from the University of Freiburg, Germany.

Norman Baltes 
Sabine Szunerits

Javier Cervera 
Javier Cervera
Javier visited us from José Manzanares' Group at the University of Valencia in Spain.