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instEncyclopedia of Electrochemistry, Volume 3, Instrumentation and Electroanalytical Chemistry


Editors: Bard, Allen J.; Stratmann, Martin; Unwin, Patrick R.

Publication Year: 2002

Publisher: Wiley-VCH

ISBN: 978-3-527-30395-3

Chapter: Electrochemical-AFM, Interfaces, Julie V. Macpherson

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book 2Scanning Electrochemical Microscopy, Second Edition


Editors: Bard, Allen J.; Mirkin, Michael V.

Publication Year: 2012

Publisher: CRC Press

ISBN: 978-3-527-30395-3

Chapters: Localized Flux Measurements and Kinetic Imaging at Interfaces, Patrick R. Unwin and Julie V. Macpherson. Visualizing and Quantifying Homogenous Chemical reactions, Patrick R. Unwin. Hybrid Scanning Electrochemical Techniques: Methods and Applications, Julie. V. Macpherson and Christophe Demaille.

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Biomolecular Films: Design, Function, and bioApplications, Surfactant Science Series, Volume 111


Editors: Rusling, James F.

Publication Year: 2003

Publisher: Marcel Dekker, Inc

ISBN: 0-8247-0899-7

Chapter: Characterisation of Biomolecular interfaces with scanning elecrochemical microscopy: from model monolayers to tissues and cells, Anna L. Barker, catherine E. Gardner, Julie V. Macpherson, Patrick R. Unwin

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liqLiquid Interfaces In Chemical, Biological And Pharmaceutical Applications, Surfactant Science Series, Volume 95


Editors: Volkov, Alexander G.

Publication Year: 2001

Publisher: CRC Press

ISBN: 978-0-8247-0457-5

Chapters: Hydrodynamic Techniques for Investigating Reaction Kinetics at Liquid/Liquid Interfaces: Historical Overview and Recent Developments. Electrochemical Microscopy as a Local Probe of Chemical Process at Liquid Interfaces,Christopher J. Slevin, Patrick R. Unwin and Jie Zhang. Scanning

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New Techniques for the Study of Electrodes and their Reactions, Comprehensive Chemical Kinetics, Volume 29

Editors: Compton, Richard G; Hamnett, Andrew.

Publication Year: 1989

Publisher: Elsevier

ISBN: 0-444-42999-9

Chapter: The Use of Channel Electrodes in the Investigation of Interfacial Reaction Mechanisms, Patrick R.Unwin & Richard G. Compton.

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Applications of Kinetic Modelling, Comprehensive Chemical Kinetics, Volume 37

Editors: Compton, Richard G; Hancock, G.

Publication Year: 1999

Publisher: Elsevier

ISBN: 0-444-50164-9

Chapter: Hydrodynamic Modulation Methods in Electrochemistry, D.E. Williams & Julie V. Macpherson.

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