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Research Activities

Research Activities


  • MOAC Annual Conference 2013 - TBA
  • Inter DTC (Warwick & Imperial) 2013 - TBA


  • Decision Making and Leadership course. December 10th - 12th 2012
  • Biomolecular Thermodynamics - IOP Biological Physics Group. Institute of Physics, London. 26-27 November. Poster
  • ICARIS conference 28-31 August. Elucidating protein secondary structure from circular dichroism data using a self organising map neural network. Vincent Hall, Anthony Nash, Alison Rodger, Evor Hines. Absent
  • MOAC Intra DTC conference. Buxton. 24th - 27th July 2012. Poster
  • Chemistry postgraduate symposium. 30th May 2012. Poster
  • Inter DTC conference. University of Warwick, UK. 17th - 18th May 2012. Presentation
  • Science Communication. London. 25th - 27th April 2012.
  • 5th Midlands Biophysics Symposium. Aston University. 18th April 2012. Poster
  • CSC postgraduate day. University of Warwick. 8th February 2012. Student Chairman. Poster
  • Effects of the oncogenic V664E mutation on membrane insertion, structure, and interactions of the Neu transmembrane domain: Mechanistic insights revealed from biophysical analyses and molecular dynamics simulation. Andrew J. Beevers, Anthony Nash, Martha Salazar-Cancino, David J. Scott, Rebecca Notman, Ann M. Dixon. Biochemistry. (March 2012). Publication


  • Royal Society of Chemistry. ChemCareers 2011 online poster/presentation competition. October 2011. Finalist stage (absent due to wedding in Australia)
  • The CCP5 Molecular Simulation Summer School. Queen's University Belfast. July 2011. Poster
  • MOAC Annual Conference. July 2011. Poster 1st Place
  • Non-linear Diffusion non-workshop symposium. The University of Warwick. June 2011.
  • Science out reach program. "Meet the Scientists". Think Thank, Birmingham. June 2011.
  • Post Graduate Chemistry Symposium. The University of Warwick. June 2011.
  • MOAC Inter-DTC conference, Royal Society of Chemistry, London. 2011. Poster.
  • Team building workshop. April 2011 (Transferable Skills).


  • August 1 - 6, 2010 Molecular Basis of Microbial One-Carbon Metabolism, Lewiston, ME, USA. Poster.
  • MOAC Annual Conference. May 2010. Poster and Presentation.
  • Inter DTC conference. The University of Warwick. May 2010.
  • Post Graduate Chemistry Symposium. The University of Warwick. May 2010.


  • CoSMoS workshop 2009. University of York, UK. Presentation, Publication and Award (Microsoft Research).
  • SynbioNet Annual Meetings. Notingham University.