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These are the files and handouts used for the EPOCH Workshop. These are:

Using CSC Computers (Handout 0): How to access compilers, visualisation etc. at CSC

Basic Notes (Handout 1): How to setup simple 1D problems

Download and svn (Handout 2): How to get EPOCH and the basics of svn and git

Test Problems 1D (Handout 3): Instructions for completing the 1D tests

Visualisation (Handout 4): Basic use of IDL and VisIt, including VisIt installation instructions

Advanced EPOCH (Handout 5): 2D and custom initialisation of EPOCH

Test Problems 2D (Handout 6): Instructions for completing the 6D tests

1D Examples: Example input decks and simple IDL scripts for 1D tests

2D Examples: Example input decks and simple IDL scripts for 2D tests

Finally there is a bashrc file. This will load modules for you correctly on all machines and set the variables so that IDL and VisIt always work (well that's the hope anyway!). Click on the bashr link and save the file in the root directory in your home account (the one you go to when you entry 'cd' at a terminal prompt. Then rename the file with the command 'mv .bashrc' be careful to get the spaces and dots right. Then type 'source .bashrc' and everything should work.