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Resources and Training

New and upcoming training opportunities, both at Warwick and elsewhere, are also listed on our blog page here or on our calendar. During 2019 to early 2023 we regularly streamed a short (10-15 minutes) micro-seminar about a variety of topics most Wednesdays at 3pm - a list of previous offerings and links to the videos are here.

We provide a range of courses and collate materials, links to video-lectures (where available) and example codes below.

We collate a page of resources for getting started with coding here including materials from Warwick and from other external providers. Warwick IT Services provide a broad range of courses, with some (notably the ones in the Engineering and Maths subsection) being on software tools such at Mathematica, Matlab, LabView or Excel. The entire catalogue is available at

At the bottom of this page you'll find links to some interesting internal courses and external opportunities, mainly in High-Performance computing.

RSE training resources

Warwick RSE provides some online modules via Sitebuilder pages, including some video material, pages to read and try-it-yourself exercises. We also have slides, notes and recordings from workshops we have run previously which can be downloaded and worked through at your leisure. A list of all our lecture notes (pdfs) is hereLink opens in a new window.

If you're not sure what you're looking for, try out decider page here.

If you are a Warwick PhD student, note that modules marked with a (√) are available on SkillsForge as rolling online courses - once you've signed up and covered the material, follow the instructions on the course page and we'll record your completion in SkillsForge.

Introductory Modules

Linux computing (Using Rocky 9): Introduction to SCRTP Linux (online via Moodle) (√)

Big Computing - clusters, cloud and computing beyond your laptop

Remote Access to Computers (working on a machine that is not on your desk) (materials, videos)

Introduction to Software Development (workshop materials)

Introduction to Version Control with Git (just the 'git' part of the software development workshop)

Simple Makefiles (just the 'make' part of the software development workshop)

Introduction to Software Development short seminar (workshop materials)

Bug Catalogue (just the 'bug catalogue' from the software development workshop full materials)

We have a couple of short seminars which tend to evolve over time, so there are multiple slide versions. We post them all for completeness, but they overlap each other a lot:

Introduction to Software Development 1-hour seminar (annotated slides. As given to MathSys DTC 28/11/2018)

Introduction to Software Development 1-hour seminar (annotated slides. As given to MathSys DTC 23/10/2019 - omits version control and discusses profiling instead)

Introduction to Version Control with Git 1-hour seminar (slides. As given to MathSys DTC 30/10/2019)

HPC at Warwick and Beyond (workshop materials) (√)

Parallelism Primer (workshop materials and video lectures)

Introduction to MPI (workshop materials)

Introduction to OpenMP (workshop materials)

Introduction to Fortran for Researchers (workshop materials, assumes basic programming knowledge but no Fortran)

Follow On / Intermediate Modules

Accelerating Python (workshop materials and video lectures)

Intermediate MPI (workshop materials)

Introduction to C++ for ResearchersLink opens in a new window (workshop materials, assumes basic C++ knowledge and formalises/expands this)

Advanced Modules

Advanced Topics in MPI (workshop materials)

External resources

Training Courses

Archer training - Courses from the UK national supercomputing service. Centred on high performance parallel computation

Argonne National Laboratory ATPESC - Summer school on large scale parallel computation from Argonne National Laboratory. Videos of 2016 school available here.

Science and Engineering South - One day courses around the south of England on a wide variety of computational science themes

Upcoming External Events