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Postgraduate Day Prizes

As part of our activities to mark 10 years of the Centre for Scientific Computing. CSC hold a Postgraduate day which took place on Wednesday 8th February 2012.

CSC awarded One Talk prize and Two Poster Prizes for the best PhD students

CSC Talk Prize

The Winner of the Talk prize was Salvatore Cosseddu and the title of his talk was "Inactivation Process in the Potassium Ion Channel KcSA". Salvatore is a PhD student and his supervisor is Igor Khovanov

CSC Poster Prizes

Neil Pearson, PhD student in Life Sciences

Aaron Finney, PhD student in Chemistry

Eco Genetics of Arabidopsis Thaliana from Reservoir
Populations in Low-Disturbance Habilats
Understanding the Stability of Prenucleation Calcium
Carbonate Nanoclusters
neils_poster_2012.640.jpg aaron_poster.640.jpg