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Images for use on CSC web pages

These page should serve as image storage for all web images used on the CSC pages. Please do not delete images unless you know exactly what you are doing. Many images are used at various places of the web pages, so deleting here might result in quite unforseeable consequences.

Using images on CSCWeb

  • We prefer to use the graphics format ".png". ".jpg" and ".gif" are also acceptable.
  • Personal photos should be about 120 points wide.
  • The tiny (stamp-sized) pictures for use on the main research page have been converted from the larger originals using the "convert -size 40x40 original.jpg -resize 40x40 thumbnail.jpg" command.
  • The thumbnail pictures for use on the research theme web pages have been converted from the larger originals using the "convert -size 120x120 original.jpg -resize 120x120 thumbnail.jpg" command.
  • The animation of research pictures on the homepage has been generated using "convert" to size 160x160 and then "gifmerge -l0 -1000 ... >CSC-anim.gif". The exact command was
    gifmerge -192,192,192 -l0 -1000 mdm2.gif mcm2.gif -notransp cpde2.gif \
    -192,192,192 qs.gif -notransp cfd.gif -192,192,192 CSB-anim-tmb.gif > CSC-anim.gif
  • Please always use the full path when linking images. Then if the location of a page changes, the page will still contain the correct links to the images.

Reducing SPAM by not showing your email address to robots

We try to reduce spam by encouraging users to display their email addresses as follows:

<img alt="" src="">
<a href="mailto:csc-secretaryNOSPAM">
<img border=0 src=''>

which looks like "" when embedded in HTML. Note that the space " " in "NOSPAM " will prevent the email address to be recognized in a mailer and the user is thus correctly reminded to delete this part before sending is allowed. [If you know of a simpler SPAM control that also retains the essential facility of the "mailto:" tag, let us know at the given email address.]