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CY901 High Performance Scientific Computing

The module will run through all ten weeks of Term 1, and will share one-hour lectures and two-hour practical workshops with PX425 High Performance Computing in Physics.


PROVISIONAL Times and Rooms:

Mike Allen
Tuesday16:00-18:00Maths A0.01
Friday13:00-14:00S0.10 (req change to MS.05)
Friday14:00-16:00Maths A0.01

There is no teaching on Monday of week 1, therefore the module begins with the class on Tuesday of week 1. CSC MSc students should attend the CY900 course in week 0.

Workshop Assignments

Here are my suggested workshop days.

Tuesday 16:00-18:00
? ???? ?????
? ???? ?????
Friday 14:00-16:00
? ???? ?????
? ???? ?????


Suggested reading:

  • R Chandra et al, Parallel Programming in OpenMP (Morgan Kaufmann, 2000)
  • P Pacheco, Parallel Programming with MPI (Morgan Kaufmann, 1996)
  • M Quinn, Parallel Programming in C with MPI and OpenMP (McGraw-Hill, 2003)


Please note that this course does not teach a computer programming language: you are expected already to be proficient in Fortran or C. A good working knowledge of a scientific programming language (either Fortran- 95/2003 or C), as taught, for example, in PX250 Fortran Programming for Scientists, will be a pre-requisite. Students will also be assumed to be familiar with basic Linux, program editors, and other material covered in CY900.