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CSC MSc Projects

These are general projects offered every year


Science Department


Tony Arber Physics Computational Plasma Physics for Laser Fusion
Yongmann Chung Engineering Computer Simulation of gas flow in the Human Lung
John Cremona Mathematics Parallelization of Simultaneous Eigenvector Computations for Large Sparse Integer Matrics
Yongmann Chung Engineering Computational Fluid Dynamics for Turbulent Flow
Kurt Debattista Digital Lab, Engineering Parallel Computing for High-fidelity Computer Graphics
Jianfeng Feng Computer Science Simulating Biophysical Neuron Networks
Stephen Jarvis Computer Science New Approaches to Programming Scientific Applications and Libraries: A demonstration of UPC to Wavefront Algorithms
Robert Kerr Maths/Engineering One-Dimensional Stochastic Initiation of Rainfall
Robert Kerr Maths/Engineering Analysis of large numerical data sets related to intensely nonlinear events turbulence, geophysics and quantum fluids
Mark Rodger Chemistry Atomistic and coarse-grained simulations of crystal growth
Mark Rodger Chemistry Sampling infrequent events in Molecular Dynamics
Rudolf Roemer Physics Solving the three-dimensional Anderson model as a one-dimensional quantum system with correlated hopping and disorder
Bjoern Stinner Mathematics Meshing of Complicated Surfaces
Yulia Timofeeva Computer Science & Centre for Complexity Science Software tool for Modelling the dynamics of Branched Neurons
Alessandro Troisi   Chemistry Numerical Simulation of Charge Dynamics in Polymer Chains
David Wild System Biology Centre GPU Programming for Nonparametric Bayesian Data Integration of Large Datasets