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CSC MSc Core Options

The CSC MSc has been revised and there are now only 3 Core modules CY900 (6 CATS) , CY901 (12 CATS) and CY903 (12 CATS) which equates to 30 CATS, therefore MSc students need to choose 2 to 3 Core Option Modules and one optional module to equate to 60 CATS.

For each of these modules you choose you will need to get an Unusual Options Form completed. This should be returned to the Postgraduate Office on the 5th Floor of the Physics building where it will then be sent to the Director of the Centre for Scientific Computing for final approval.

When considering modules it is important that you take their timetabling into consideration. Some courses are taught in blocks of two or more weeks and others in weekly lectures and seminars over a longer period.

Please see the Core Option modules below:

This list is reviewed annually, it is currently being updated for 2016-17

Code Title CATS Dept Term
CH926 Molecular Modelling  (* 10 CATS if Module CH948 is also taken) 12 * MOAC 2
ST407/CY904 Monte Carlo Methods
15 Stats 1
MA482 Stochastic Analysis  15 Maths 1
MA4K0 Introduction to Uncertainty Quantification 15 Maths 1
CS909 Data Mining  15 DCS 2
MA4K4 Topics in Interacting Particle Systems  15 Maths 2
MA3H7 Control Theory 15 Maths 2
MA3H2 Markov Processes and Percolation Theory 15 Maths 2
MA398 Matrix Analysis and Algorithms 15 Maths 1
ES440 Computational PDEs  15 Eng/CSC 2

Data Analysis 

12 MathSys 1
MA934 Numerical methods  12 MathSys 1
MA913 Scientific Computing  12 MASDOC 1
CS413 Image and Video Analysis  15 DCS 1
ES93Q Systems Modelling and Simulation 15 Eng  
ES4C3 Mathematical and Computational Modelling,  15 Eng  

This is not an exhaustive list. You should feel free to explore other options offered by academic departments.

Choices from this list should be discussed with your Personal Tutor to ensure that there is no substantial overlap in sylabus between modules you choose.

Key dates for module registration can be found here