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1.3 Security

Before really getting started, it's worth covering a few introductory security issues. For example, you should never let anyone else use your account - this kind of behaviour might send your local systems adminstrator ballistic if he/she finds out about it! Your password is important - don't let anyone know what it is (unless you want trouble). You should also take time to devise a good password. Don't use words from the dictionary or names of people/places. Do try to use both upper and lower case letters, symbols and also numbers.


Some examples of a bad password are:
   hercules            pancake           NEBRASKA    
Some examples of a good password are:
   9mORdOR8            $DoG%rAt          $sc00p+    

On occasion, you may need to leave your terminal ( e.g. for that much needed coffee break). You should never leave your terminal unattended if you're still logged in. To save you the trouble of logging out, you can lock your screen using
Typically, this can be activated from your X-session by doing a middle-button mouse click on the background screen, and choosing "Lock" from the menu. Now no one can access your session. To unlock, just enter your password.

You'll find out more later on concerning making secure connections using ssh and scp .