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2023 Data Compression Conference - electronic materials

DCC program

The DCC 2023 program includes titles, abstracts, and speaker bios for both keynote talks, as well as all paper titles and author names by session. It can be found hereLink opens in a new window

Electronic proceedings

The proceedings are available electronically hereLink opens in a new window

username: dccpub23
password: conf23//

You can browse the proceedings by session via the link DCC 2023 in the upper left corner. You can also download the proceedings as a single file via the link Download Webpub. The proceedings will be taken offline by the IEEE shortly after the close of the conference.

Manuscript presentations

Due to different time zones and logistical problems, all virtual presentations will be asynchronous. All videos and presentation slides are available on IEEE SigPortLink opens in a new window under the event DCC 2023. The presentation materials are organized by session according to the DCC 2023 Program. The Advanced Search feature is useful to find individual sessions and manuscripts.

Q&A will be available during the week after the scheduled conference dates. More details are available here

Keynote talks

The talks will be lived streamed on TEAMS (see links below). The same links can be used to view the recorded keynote talk at a later time.

Johannes Ballé
Perception: The Next Milestone in Learned Image Compression
Wednesday, March 22, 2:30-3:30 pm (MDT)

Join the talk hereLink opens in a new window

Travis Gagie
Pangenomic FM-indexes
Thursday, March 23, 2:30-3:30 pm (MDT)

Join the talk hereLink opens in a new window