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GIVO Warwick

GIVO Warwick

GIVO-Warwick Project

The University of Warwick and GIVO Africa have teamed up to tackle the problem of plastic waste in Nigeria by deploying a simple, modular, readily-scalable, sustainable, digital-enabled waste management solution. The GIVO-WARWICK project will develop digital tools to enable smart and efficient operations of GIVO centres.

GIVO Centres

Digitally-enabled GIVO Centres within communities will be a hub for interception and aggregation of post-consumer plastic processed into recyclates. The GIVO technical and data systems will make it possible to identify, track, and report the plastics that enter and flow through the systems to provide easily understandable information about plastic types and volumes that are being processed (and reduce the external waste/pollution environment).

Expected Impacts

Expected value chain impacts from the GIVO-Warwick Project include improved livelihoods for waste generators by providing financial incentives for recyclables deposited.


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