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The global objective of the SaSHa project is to demonstrate an entirely new range of highly efficient and reliable power electronic devices that will better handle the harsh-environment of space than any current solution. The silicon-on-silicon carbide (Si/SiC) power-electronic transistors will better utilise the on-board power of several systems, shrinking ancillary cooling systems, increasing mission life and enabling missions to high temperature and high radiation environments such as Venus or Jupiter.

Four high-level objectives are set out to develop a recently patented but very low TRL device concept into a working prototype at TRL5 that can be tested in the simulated conditions of a space craft.

The specific objectives of the project are:

  1. To develop an advanced TCAD-based model of the Si on SiC device technology to define the optimal layout and design of the new Si/SiC transistors.
  2. To develop high quality, device-ready Si-on-SiC substrates.
  3. To develop the first Si/SiC power electronic transistors capable of operating in the harsh environment of space.
  4. To demonstrate device robustness under extreme temperature and radiation conditions