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Bioelectricity papers

Selected review and opinion papers on bioelectricity;

"Rapid, Long-Distance Electrical and Calcium Signaling in Plants" Choi WG, et. al. Annu Rev Plant Biol. 67 (2016).

"Biotechnological Aspects of Microbial Extracellular Electron Transfer" Kato S. Microbes Environ. 30:2 (2015).

"Electrochemical Control of Cell and Tissue Polarity" Chang F, Minc N. Annual Review of Cell and Developmental Biology, 30:1 (2014).

"An electrochemical interpretation of metabolism" Berry MN. FEBS Letters, 134:2 (1981).

"Large-scale biophysics: ion flows and regeneration" Levin M, Trends Cell Biol. 6 (2007).

"Electro-Fermentation: How To Drive Fermentation Using Electrochemical Systems" Moscoviz R, et. al. Trends Biotechnol. 11 (2016).

Selected papers from the Warwick BioElectricity group;

"TOG domain MT polymerases accelerate MT plus end growth via electrostatically-steered diffusion-to-capture and electrostatic templating of GTP-tubulin" Venables, N, Bretschneider T, Cross RA. bioRxiv doi: 110.1101/282897 (2018).

"Engineering microbial communities using thermodynamic principles and electrical interfaces", Zerfass C, Chen J, Soyer OS. Current Opinion in Biotechnology 50:121-127 (2017).

"Scanning electrochemical cell microscopy: New perspectives on electrode processes in action" Bentley CL, Kang M, Unwin PR. Current Opinion in Electrochemistry 6:23–30 (2017).

"Ion channels enable electrical communication within bacterial communities" Prindle A, Liu J, Asally M, Ly S, Garcia-Ojalvo J, Suel GM. Nature 527: 59-63 (2015)