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Ongoing BEE Projects

  1. “Understanding the origin and evolution of metabolic interactions using synthetic microbial communities” (BBSRC-NSF funded project)
  2. "Electrical control of cancer metabolism" (CRUK funded project)
  3. “Electrical control of metabolism with redox mediators” (PhD project).
  4. “Analysis of cellular metabolism at single cell resolution” (PhD project)
  5. “Probing the electrochemical dynamics of germination in Bacillus Subtilis spores” (PhD project)
  6. “Antibiotics in electrical fields” (PhD project)
  7. "Coacervate formation dynamics in electrical fields" (MSc project)
  8. “Investigating the effect of electric fields on cellular metabolism” (PhD project)
  9. “Electrochemical analysis of biofilms” (PhD project)