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Download Smaart logger driver for MORPH4

The Aardware Smaart logger driver for MORPH4 will allow users of the MORPH4 system to import data from the Aardware SmaartLog logger/weather station.

Please folllow the instructions below to install the Aardware SmaartLog logger driver for MORPH4.

This page is only for those MORPH4 users who installed MORPH4 previous to 30/04/2006. If you downloaded and installed MORPH4 after this date then there is no need for you to complete these steps as you should already have MORPH4 configured so that it is compatible with the Aardware Smaart logger. Please contact if you have any questions.

1) Download the and extract the files as indicated below

Click on the download button below, save the "morph4.exe" and "smaartlog.exe" files somewhere that you can easily access.

Make sure that MORPH4 is not running.

Double click on the "morph4.exe" file, an updated Morph4.exe file will be extracted to C:\Program Files\Morph'. Only change the location where the data is extracted to if you changed the default place where MORPH4 is installed.

Double click on the "smaartlog.exe" file, a "Aardware Smaartlog 32.dll" file will be extracted to C:\Loggers32'.

Start Morph4.

Select File->Setup->Data Sources...

When the "Setup Data Sources" dialog appears, click on the "New" button.

When the "Add Data Source" dialog appears, select the drop-down box under the "Drive" heading.

Select the "[-C-]" drive.

Under Available Data Sources "Aardware SmaartLog Automatic" will appear. Select this option, then click on the "Install" button.

Then click on the "Done" button and the "Add Data Source" dialog will dissappear.

You will be returned to the "Setup Data Sources" dialog box. The "Aardware Smaartlog Automatic" logger driver should now be listed under the "Data Sources" heading.

Click on the "OK" button. The "Setup Data Sources" dialog will then close, and the Aardware SmaartLog logger driver will be installed as part of MORPH4.

Please then continue to use MORPH4 as you have before, creating new met data archives associated to the newly added Aardware SmaartLog data source if you desire.

Click here to download the morph4.exe Download morph4.exe
Click here to download the smaartlog.exe Download smaartlog.exe