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I need a password to download the MORPH software

If you are a HDC member you can log into the HDC website, and obtain the password from within the members area of the HDC website.

Go to: and then enter your membership number and password into the boxes on the right-hand side of the HDC home page.

After you have logged in you can:

1) Hover your mouse over the on "Sectors" are at the top of the HDC home page and select "Field Vegetables"

2) There is a 'MORPH" section on the page returned from the above selection. Click on the relevant links to get the password, or download the software.

IMPORTANT: If the link is not displayed as suggested above, and/or the password is not there please contact

If you are not a HDC member please contact Morph Support with your business details, including company name, company size, location etc.