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Well_N Model - Inputs - Crop Sample Dialog

When a crop sample is taken from the field, select Crop Sample...from the WELL_Npull down menu. Then enter the details using the following dialog:-

Crop Sample Dialog

Date of New Event:Enter the date when the crop sample was taken.

Dry Weight of Sample:Enter the dry weight of the sample in t / ha. Percentage N in Crop Sample:Enter percentage N in the sample. To add a new event complete the above questions then click on the Addbutton. To remove an existing event, click on the event in the top half of the dialog then click on the Deletebutton. Crop Sample events must lie between the crop planting date and the harvest date. See the Cash Cropdialog for more information. You must have at least one Soil N Sampleevent and Soil Moisture deficitevent before any Crop Sample events.