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Well_N Model - Outputs

Once the model has run the following report is generated:-

report generated

The report provides an optimum recommendation for fertiliser requirement is given based on yield. Optimum Nitrogen fertiliser defined as the level where a further 10kg/ha of Nitrogen fertiliser increases yield by less than 1%.

The report also provides a summary of the results of the WELL_N™ model run which include, estimates of the fresh and dry crop yield, Nitrogen content of crop and its residues. It also provides estimates of leaching since the start of the run and soil mineral N states at harvest. This additional information enables alternate strategies of fertiliser application to be formulated. The second page of the report contains a summary of inputs used by the model.

Report Generated

The third page of the report contains a graph of the predicted Fresh Weight of Marketable Crop for the various nitrogen strategies. The optimum stragegy selected by WELL_N™ is highlighted.

Report Generated