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Scheduling Models

Scheduling Models

To run models on the same fields regularly a schedule can be specified. This schedule will only be run if MORPH is running. So remember to keep it running and minimised in the background. Results are added to the Reports system ( Reports)unless they are specified to be sent to the printer. Selecting Schedule from the File menu produces the following dialogue box.

image placeholder

To add a new model/ field selection click on the Add button. A new row will appear in the dialogue. The date and time will be set to the current date and time. Initially the frequency will be set to daily- this can be changed as appropriate. Use the down arrows to select the frequency, farm, field, crop and model. In the Action column select Run or Print – to generate both actions or to print more pages include the same selection two or more times as shown in the example.

Models can also be added to the schedule using Add to Schedule on the Run menu

To delete a model/field selection click on the Delete button. The selected row will disappear.

Click on the OK button to keep any changes and on the Cancel button to discard them.