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Transfer File Tool Automatic Run

Automatic File Transfer

Once you have set-up the Transfer tool you can either manually run, or automatically run the tool to transfer the files. The information below will tell you how to automatically run the tool.

Start MORPH, and then select “File” and “Schedule” (see screenshot below).

image placeholder

The schedule dialog will then appear with any other events that you have already setup. If you have not set any events up then the dialog will look similar to the screenshot below.

image placeholder

In the “MORPH Task Scheduler” dialog click on the “Add” button and a new blank row will be generated for you to populate with information.

It would be advised to setup the scheduler so the first scheduled tasks are the those that automatically transfer data into MORPH, and then the second lot of tasks are for and model runs that you wish to do, and then the last lot of tasks are and file transfers. That way the latest model reports with the latest weather data will be copied to your configured destination.

In the example below there are two tasks. The first task runs a model on a field, and the second task transfers the files. Note that there is a reasonable time gap in between the two tasks so that any model runs have had plenty of time to finish before the Transfer tool attempts to move the files.

image placeholder

To put MORPH into scheduling mode, simply minimise the application, and then MORPH will sit on the Task Bar and the name of the window will change to “MORPH: Scheduling” see screenshot below.

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