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Transfer File Tool Installation


The transfer tool should be included as part of your default MORPH installation. You can check whether the Transfer tool is installed in two separate ways. You should not attempt to install the Transfer tool if it is already installed, that is why it is important that you check whether it is installed first.

Checking to see whether the Transfer tool is already installed

Start MORPH, click on the “File” menu and the select “Setup” and then “Models”.

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If the “Transfer Files” tool is listed in the dialog box (see image below) then it is already installed, and you do not have to install it.

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Installing the Transfer tool

If you have completed the steps above and you did not find the Transfer tool as one of the installed components then you will have to following these instructions to install the tool.

You will need to obtain the latest transfer.dll. This can be achieved by checking the download section at You may need a password to access these pages, please contact for any extra information.

Copy the transfer.dll to the Models32 directory

Navigate to your local disk drive (usually C:). Locate the “Models32” folder. If you cannot find the folder create one. Copy the transfer.dll that you have obtained into this folder (see image below).

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Use MORPH to install the tool

Start MORPH and open the Model setup dialog, by clicking on the “File” menu and the select “Setup” and then “Models”.

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Once the Setup Models dialog is displayed click on the Add button. You will be presented with the Add New Model dialog, click on the drop-down box on the right-hand-side of the dialog, and select the drive letter where you placed the transfer.dll (usually C:). The Transfer tool should be listed under the Models list in the left-hand-side of the dialog as “Transfer Files”. Click on the item in the list, and click the “Install” button. Then click the “Done” button. Then click on the “OK” button in the “Setup Models” dialog. The tool will now be installed in MORPH.

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