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Data Transfer

Data Transfer

Data Transfer is the process by which data is transferred from the data logger into MORPH met data archive using a data source. The procedure will change slightly between different data sources.

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From the Weather menu select Transfer or Transfer As... you will be presented with the Select Met Data Archive dialog box. By default, the current active archive will be highlighted. The action of Transfer As... is to always bring the dialog to match the datalogger and archive columns. Whereas Transfer will only bring the dialog if the columns have not been matched i.e. the first time data is transferred into the archive.

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Select the required archive and click on OK. If the datalogger requires a file then the standard Windows open file dialog box will appear:

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In this example the ASCII logger driver was associated to the Wellesbourne 98 met data archive. This was so that the Wellesbourne 98 met data archive could retrieve data from files in the ASCII format. An example of the ASCII file format can be seen below. It is important for the ASCII files to be successfully read by MORPH that they conform to the following rules:

1. All data in the file is tab-delimited.

2. The first line of information in the file is a tab-delimited list of column headings

3. The first two columns in the file are the date and time.

4. There are no spaces in the column headings (e.g. if a column is for air temperature it must be labelled in the following format “air_temp” or “airtemp” and NOT “air temp”.

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Choose the file that you wish to have transferred. This will bring the following dialog box:

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In order for a model to use data from a datalogger, the model will need to know which data items have been collected for the current archive and what the names have been assigned to these items. The above Match Columns dialog box is displayed with three list boxes:

Data Source Columns

The column names in the data source list box are the names of weather data available from the current archives datalogger.

Model Columns

These are the names of the weather data that are used by the model. The first time the Match Columns dialog box is opened all the model names which are weather data items required by any model in order for it to do some processing, will be displayed in the Model Columns by default.

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Select a model. When a model is selected from the Model drop down list all the names used by the model will be displayed in the Model Columns list.

Archive Columns

These are the column names of weather data held in the current archive and will contain no entry by default when the dialog box is opened. To add a name double click on the weather information name in the Model Columns List. The added names will appear in the Archive Columns.

To remove an entry, select the name and right click with the mouse buttons.

Matching datalogger column names with archive column names

Select a name from the data source column list and click on it. Select the corresponding name from the archive column list and click on it. You will see selected items from both lists move to the top of the lists. Clicking on the lines checkbox will provide you with guidelines between selections.

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Continue until all the archive columns are aligned in this way. Then click on OK to close the dialog box and continue.

Once you have linked the datalogger and model for the first time you will not need to do this again, since MORPH will remember the links. If however, you want to reassign the links select Transfer As... from the Weather menu.

If a field is already selected that has a met data archive associated to it, the data transfer button will be enabled. If this button is clicked, and the met data archive has not been se-up to match the datalogger columns and the archive columns, the columns will have to be matched up. Otherwise, the met data archive has already been setup and the data will be transferred in according to previous column settings.

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