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Test Farm


Welcome to Home Farm, the ‘virtual’ farm which is being managed by a new ‘virtual’ MORPH user named Joseph Arch. Joseph Arch is a persona as outlined in MORPH News Volume 1 Issue 3.

My name is Joseph Arch. I am 40 years old, married to Jill, who works full time as a school teacher in the local infants’ school. We have 10-year-old twin girls, Amy and Zoë. I graduated from the RAC at Cirencester and inherited Home Farm from a Great Uncle.

I farm on well drained sandy loam soil in Warwickshire. I grow a mixture of horticultural crops, top fruit and brassicas, which I sell to local shops and direct to customers at local Farmers’ Markets.

I have recently purchased a weather station and a modem to download the weather data to my PC.

From Spring 2008 onwards I intend to inform any decisions that I make about the management of my crops by running appropriate MORPH models.

I will keep everyone informed of my progress via my web page.