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Mathematics for Real-World Systems Centre for Doctoral Training

Mathematics for Real-World Systems Centre for Doctoral Training

EPSRC-funded Mathematics of Systems [Phase II] CDT

The Mathematics of Systems (MathSys) CDT is an EPSRC-funded Centre for Doctoral Training. It recruits enthusiastic students and trains them in the advanced quantitative skills and applied mathematical modelling techniques that are critical to addressing contemporary challenges arising from biomedicine and health, modern industry, and the digital economy.

MathSys II builds on the highly successful and interdisciplinary MathSys CDT that was funded by both the EPSRC and MRC. Our second phase focuses on two cross-cutting methodological themes that are central to complex multi-scale systems prediction: modelling across spatial and temporal scales; and hybrid modelling integrating complex data and mechanistic models. These themes pervade many areas of active research and will shape mathematical and computational modelling for the coming decades. The CDT addresses four application areas in (1) quantitative biomedical research, (2) mathematical epidemiology, (3) socio-technical systems, and (4) advanced modelling and optimisation of industrial processes.

MathSys is built around a closely knit, highly collaborative team of academics from mathematics, computer science, life sciences, physics, and statistics at Warwick with a strong track record in leading interdisciplinary projects. With its external partners and collaborators, MathSys develops talented, energetic PhD students to push boundaries and to make a tangible difference to the 'real world'. Our students have the potential to inspire new ideas, approaches and innovation and to become future leaders in problem solving. Building on the success of MathSys I, the MathSys II format is an ambitious cohort-based training programme that will equip the next generation of researchers with cutting-edge methodological toolkits and practical experience of external end-user engagement to address a broad variety of pressing real-world problems.

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Our courses

The CDT offers two courses: a 1+3 MSc leading to PhD (four years in total) and a direct-to-PhD (three years in total). Funded places are only available on the 1+3 course. Our research degrees will equip you with:

  • contemporary and highly sought mathematical skills
  • the ability to understand and model real-world systems
  • broad ways of analysing complex data sets
  • multi-disciplinary experience and the option of specialising in key areas of research interest

The one year full time MSc addresses specific applied questions, while the PhD addresses a real-world system, working closely with an external partner institution.

Apply Now

Next start date: September 2023
28 March 2023: Please note that due to the volume of applications and very limited number of funded places, we are no longer able to accept applications from international students for funded places. We are still able to accept applications from Home-fee students, and EU students who have settled or pre-settled status.

Hear from our PhD students Phoebe and Melissa on the SBIDER Careers Podcast!

Researching with us

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