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About Us

The Warwick Cancer Research Centre is founded on a novel interdisciplinary approach to the fight against cancer. It builds on the University of Warwick’s research strengths in different disciplines ranging from biomedical research to work in chemistry, engineering and mathematics. The Centre is committed to world class research with impact and purpose, and we aim to make lives healthier. This is achieved by close collaboration with our main hospital partner (University Hospitals Coventry and Warwickshire) and by working with local GP practices. We continue to build our international collaborations supporting less well-resourced countries in the development and implementation of cancer research that impacts the lives of their citizens. We also support the development of staff and students by providing opportunities to contribute to interdisciplinary cancer research projects.

Recognising that cancer is a complex disease, we bring experts together from across disciplinary boundaries to focus on four main themes:

    1. Basic biomedical research on the processes governing cell division and movement.
    2. Novel approaches to cancer diagnosis and prognosis.
    3. Development of new anti-cancer therapies and novel approaches to treatment and drug delivery.
    1. Cancer clinical trials.

Our work with colleagues in other countries includes work in India on the early diagnosis of oral cancer, in Indonesia on developing new biomarkers for cancer diagnosis and in Africa for improving the treatment of childhood cancer. We collaborate with colleagues across the country and around the world bringing our unique blend of expertise to the international effort to combat cancer.