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Funding the future

Our vision for the future is one in which our research will transform our understanding of cancer with real benefits for diagnosis, treatment and care. With your support, we can create life-changing interventions that transform the way we look at and live with cancer.

You can make a difference and contribute to the future of cancer health

Caroline Bainbridge

"Supporting Cancer Research is very close to my heart. Caroline had a sudden diagnosis of primary lung, secondary brain, liver and lymph gland cancers at a stage when there was no treatment possible. Caroline had supported Warwick, so I wish to continue on her behalf."

Caroline Bainbridge started her career as a student studying English at Warwick, the first of three degrees that she achieved. Sadly, Caroline passed away due to cancer. Her husband, Michael Harris, wishes to continue her legacy and support the development of life-changing treatments.

"It's my wish, and she would have agreed with me, to support smaller organisations where more direct benefit can happen. I’m very pleased to be able to continue her previous support."

This is Caroline on her Wedding Day, in May 2020, her makeup and curly hair, woven with gypsophila flowers, done by hospice nurses. She is wearing a beautiful opal and diamond necklace which was her something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue.

Your support, like Caroline's legacy, enables successful research, diagnosis and treatment of cancer.

Cancer to Covid – the transferability of treatments and technologies

Caroline Bainbridge

“The COVID-19 pandemic has increased awareness of rapid diagnosis and vaccination. Similar approaches are being adapted for the early detection of cancer and for developing vaccines to treat cancer. Our interdisciplinary and collaborative approach enables us to bring unique perspectives and expertise, such as using computer science and artificial intelligence to improve cancer detection in biopsies and guide decisions about the best treatment for individual cancer patients.”

Professor Lawrence Young, Director of the Cancer Research Centre and Professor of Molecular Oncology, Warwick Medical School

Our pioneering research

Caroline Bainbridge

The Warwick Cancer Research Centre brings together expertise from across the University to provide a distinctive interdisciplinary approach. Collaboration with University Hospitals Coventry and Warwickshire (UHCW) as well as national and international colleagues provides opportunities to have real impact on the diagnosis and treatment of cancer.

Find out about our research themes: Basic Cancer Research, Cancer Diagnosis and Prognosis, New Drugs and Delivery Systems, and Cancer Clinical Trials.

Researcher profile: Ruoyu Wang

Caroline Bainbridge

About me: I'm a PhD scholar working with both the Department of Computer Science and Warwick Medical School. My research focus is improving the diagnosis of head and neck cancer using digital pathology and machine learning. By studying the cells from biopsies, I'm looking for patterns to tell us how patients will respond to therapy. This is an example of using technology for personalised, precision medicine and I hope my research will result in improved outcomes for cancer patients.

My proudest achievement: In my first year of study I successfully chairing a lab meeting. That was the first time that I used English to host an academic discussion, and it was also my first time presenting in front of my colleagues about my work.

What giving means to me: This scholarship gives me an opportunity to pursue a PhD degree at a prestigious university, in an international research environment and with some of the world’s foremost scholars in my field. With this scholarship, I’m able to devote myself to studying and conducting research without worrying about any financial issues.

How you can help

Your support means we can progress our research more quickly and expand its scope. With your donations, research can move from laboratory bench to bedside quickly, making a difference to the diagnosis, treatment and care of patients with cancer.

Your gift will fund everything from essential laboratory equipment to additional researchers to expand our team. We need more scientists like Ruoyu to help us progress our work.

Make your gift here. Please direct your donation to ‘Cancer Research Centre’ and thank you for your support.