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Where next for dry AMD and Stargardt research?

A team from Warwick Medical School reviewed hundreds of articles about possible treatments to identify emerging treatments for the dry form of age-related macular degeneration (AMD), and for Stargardt disease. See here for the full artcile.

Mon 14 January 2019, 09:58 | Tags: Warwick Medical School

New Clinical Trial

Dr Hema Mistry is working on a new clinical trial that aims to find the best way to feed premature babies: 

Thu 21 March 2019, 07:15

Admin to Research - Hannah Fraser's success story

Hannah Fraser joined Warwick Evidence on the 1st September 2018. The team is more than proud to have her on board - Hannah completed her MSc in Health Research with distinction. Before Hannah joined Warwick Evidence, she worked as Research Project Administrator for CLAHRC Theme 3. Here is her success story. 

Mon 04 March 2019, 07:39

New HTA Publication

Waugh, N. L., Emma; Colquitt, Jill; Royle, Pamela; Yeong, Jian Lee; Hoad, Geraldine; Lois, Noemi (2018) Treatments for dry age-related macular degeneration and Stargardt disease: a systematic review. . Health Technology Assessment, 22 (27)

Mon 11 June 2018, 11:11 | Tags: Warwick Evidence, Warwick Medical School

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