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Who are we?

Santé Theatre is a creative concept formed between academics and theatre makers based on a partnership between Arts and the Academy that has been continuing for more than a decade. The artistic director Claudette Bryanston is an award winning theatre director with many decades of experience and the producer Professor Gillian Hundt is a social scientist and eminent academic.

The collaboration was developed to increase the impact and reach of research findings through taking the rich data from primary research in the field of health and social care to create new theatre productions as a way of raising awareness, stimulating debate, and mobilising knowledge through engaging with the public. The facts speak for themselves but the meaning and the stories behind the interviews are harder to share. Through theatre, research can be disseminated beyond the sharing of papers and books to theatres and community spaces and thereby for public engagement. Santé Theatre specifically seeks to appeal to a broad audience as well as to health care professionals and service users.