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Video Vignettes

Before viewing the following video vignettes you should download and read the Moderator Notes provided. Furthermore, please see the relevant papers/publications for this project.

1. Waterfall: opening vignette

2. The Genetic Gamble

3. The Potter can't control the whole process

4. We are on our journey together

5. Phlebotomist drawing blood

6. They know more about me than I do

7. You will be able to see your baby

8. I can see it's heart, astonishing. Hello little bump.

9. Of course I want a picture. You can't separate scanning from screening

10. I have all this choice

Relevant Papers and Publications

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  • *Heyman B,,Lewando Hundt G, Sandall J., Spencer K., Williams C., Grellier R., Pitson L.,(2006) On Being At Higher Risk: A Qualitative Study Of Prenatal Screening For Chromosomal Anomalies. in press Social Science and Medicine. 62 2360 -72
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