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CTU Methodology Group


  • Professor Stavros Petrou, 18 March 2011, " Economic evaluation alongside clinical trials: what they contribute, how they are performed and their limitations"
  • Professor Siobhan Quenby, 23 March 2011: "Bench to bedside in reproduction". Slides(Powerpoint Presentation)
  • Professor Deborah Ashby, 24 June 2009: Bayesian Statistics
  • Dr. Tim Friede, Wednesday 18 June: Blinding in clinical trials - what can be learned from blinded data about the treatment effect knowing the randomisation procedure?
  • Robert Froud (Queen Mary's, University of London), Wednesday 23 April: The UK BEAM trial - was it meaningful?
  • Prof Keith Wheatley (Professor of Medical Statistics, Co-Director, Birmingham CTU), 26 September 2007: Reliably evaluating the role of stem cell transplat in acute myeloid leukaemia.
  • Dr Simon Gates, 25 April 2007: Re-Randomisation. Slides (Powerpoint Presentation) Discussion Paper (PDF Document) 
  • Dr Simon Gates, 7 March 2007: Systematic Reviews. Slides (Powerpoint Presentation) 
  • Dr Simon Gates, 9 February 2006: Clinical Trials Methodology Group. Slides  Notes
  • Professor Nigel Stallard, 6 July 2006: Monitoring clinical trial data.
  • Jane Hutton, 4 May 2006: Ethical Issues in Implementation Research.