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Find below a list of trials AIRWAYS-3 can co-enrol with.

It includes interventional trials which have formally agreed to co-enrolment with AIRWAYS-3. These trials have been considered by their respective trial management groups prior to sign off by their Chief Investigators. This process has taken into consideration any potential issues regarding study design and statistical considerations; biological and scientific considerations; implications of co-enrolment on participants and their relatives; legal and ethical issues; logical and organisational considerations.

It also includes observational studies approved by the AIRWAYS-3 Chief Investigator.
Note, AIRWAYS-3 already has the research approvals necessary to co-enrol with any observational studies.

If you have any further queries or wish to discuss additional trials, please contact the AIRWAYS-3 trial team.

  • UK ROX
  • ADAPT-Sepsis
  • T4P (Threshold for Platelets)
  • A2B
  • GenOMICC
  • Merit
  • i-rehab