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ARTISAN - Trial Website

UK study of first time dislocated shoulder rehabilitation – multicentre randomised controlled trial


Key information


Acute Rehabilitation following Traumatic anterior shoulder dISlocAtioN (ARTISAN): A Multi Centre Randomised Controlled Trial

Chief Investigator: Dr Rebecca Kearney

Sponsor: University of Warwick and University Hospitals Coventry & Warwickshire NHS Trust

Funder: NIHR, Health Technology Assessment (HTA) Programme

Registration Number: ISRCTN63184243 (


The aim of ARTISAN is to establish if a single session of physiotherapy advice and a course of physiotherapy is better than advice only; following a first time traumatic shoulder dislocation. This flow chartLink opens in a new window summarises the trial design.

Sample size:

478 people will be randomly allocated (randomised) to receive a single session of advice or a course of physiotherapy.

Primary outcome:

The primary outcome will be the Oxford Shoulder Instability Score (OSIS) 6 months after randomisation. OSIS assesses outcomes of therapy (both surgical and non-surgical) by measuring activities of daily living and pain of patients with shoulder instability.

Complications resulting from treatment and implications on resources for patients and the NHS will also be studied up to 12 months after randomisation.

Trial Results:

Between 14th November 2018 and 14th March 2022 we collected data on 482 people, from 41 NHS sites across the UK. At six months there was little evidence that additional physiotherapy was better, when compared to advice alone.

For more information, please see the ARTISAN trial results (published in BMJ, January 2024).


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